I'm Jim McIntyre and author of the Guide to Tri-Cities Washington. I first published this website in December 2007 to help organize my bookmarks as a result of my Internet dumpster diving while researching my interests about the Tri-Cities Washington area. This guide is my personal project and is provided as a community benefit.

This guide provides links to over 1500 websites and social media sites, with an emphasis on the non-profit/non-commercial organizations, that enable us to enjoy many attractions and things to do in this region. In addition, this guide covers more than just the Tri-Cities. It provides information for Yakima, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Pendleton and other communities within an hour or so drive from the Tri-Cities.

Most of the visitors to this website are local to Tri-Cities area while the rest are from Seattle and other communities. Live music and performing arts, clubs & groups, farmers' markets, outdoor activities, wineries, breweries, local attractions, and volunteer opportunites have always been popular topics of interest.

I publish community events around the Tri-Cities region that are associated primarily with non-profit organizations and annual community events on Events • Things to Do - Tri-Cities Washington (Blog) with updates to Tri-Cities Events & Things to Do (Facebook).

You may contact me at webmaster@tri-citiesguide.org with comments about this website - especially to point out errors and omissions. Also, feel free to suggest appropriate content for this website that is Internet accessible to the public.

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Both images and trademarks are copyrighted by their respective copyright holders. I do publish images that were obtained from the sources for which information is provided.

If you see an image that belongs to you and want credit for it or want the image removed or a different one used, please contact me at webmaster@tri-citiesguide.org.

Linking Policy and Sharing of Content

I encourage the sharing of content from this website. Copyright rules should be respected. Any link to this website to promote the sale of goods, services or causes is not permitted. Please give credit for any content that you share by providing a link to the source of the information. Note: I'm not interested in any reciprocal link exchange for the purpose of boosting traffic or visitors nor am I interested in linking to or publishing articles from other publishers.

Product, Services and Activity Endorsements

I do not endorse any products, services and activities. All references on this website are for informational purposes, only.

Any website that mentions Guide to Tri-Cities Washingiton, Tri-Cities Washington Guide, Tri-Cities Guide or TC Guide to promote goods, services or causes is not an endorsement from me.

This website is not a general business directory. Please do not contact me about commercial listings, promotions or advertising.

Feedback & Content Submission

Feedback is encouraged, especially to point out errors and omissions. Feel free to suggest appropriate content for this website that is Internet accessible to the public and of community interest by contacting me at webmaster@tri-citiesguide.org.

Website Comments and Citations by Others

Here are some creative ways to volunteer in the Tri-Cities by Paul Krupin, Tri-City Herald: "One of the best sources for volunteers is The Tri-Cities Guide online, with more than 200 non-profit organizations seeking help: tri-citiesguide.org/volunteer-opportunities.htm."

Eat All About It: Valentine's Day options for couples, singles - by Ty Beaver, Tri-City Herald: "Luckily, Tri-Cities Washington Guide has a long listing of restaurants, wineries and bars that are offering special Valentine's Day menus and promotions for procrastinating lovers."

Benton-Franklin Trends, published in May 2015, provides a link to my outdoor recreation page as Outdoor Recreation in the Tri-Cities Region under Culture, Recreation & Tourism. Cool!

Outdoor Adventurers, a MeetUp group, published the following: "Just moved here? Or don't know what's cool to do here? https://tri-citiesguide.org/ - This website is a FANTASTIC resource, even if you have lived here for a good while. Dining, clubs, sports, groups, social activites, arts, history, museums, books, music, breweries, distilleries, scenic byways, farmers markets, wineries... you name it, it's here. Includes: Tricities, Prosser, Walla Walla, and the surrounding area."

"Sweet Potato and Bean Chili offers warm, healthy option after exercise" was published in the January 14, 2015 edition of the Tri-City Herald. It included the following statement: "For a list of other local groups, go to tri-citiesguide.org/social-networks.htm."

"Here are some creative ways to volunteer in the Tri-Cities" was published in the December 17, 2017 edition of the Tri-City Herald: "You will find all sorts of opportunities to connect with people who appreciate ... One of the best sources for volunteers is The Tri-Cities Guide online, with more ... seeking help: tri-citiesguide.org/volunteer-opportunities.htm."

From the City of Richland's Greenliving News June 2014 edition: "Check out this awesome website that lists all farmers' markets in the Mid-Columbia, along with local food and farm producers, food co-operatives, and fresh fruit and product stands, https://tri-citiesguide.org/farm-markets.htm."

The former TriCitia.com event website provided a link to this website as "An Under-the-Hood Guide to Community Culture including Clubs, Annual Events, and Awesome Organizations." Sums it up short and sweet!

Lynn, co-organizer of Tri-City Friends (singles and couples), wrote: "Here's an awesome website for clubs and groups in the Tri-Cities area https://tri-citiesguide.org/social-networks.htm." and "I hadn't even looked at the other links - he's got listed activities, events, destinations, maps, publications, geographical information, community information ....."

The former "Fruit of the Vine Tours" wrote: "Wow! This is the most comprehensive guide to the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas that I have ever seen. Jim McIntyre has compiled this fantastic resource of information, and it contains everything you ever want to know about the area. Looks like a labor of love to be sure!"

Craig Romano, guidebook author, outdoors writer, and photographer posted the following comment on his Facebook page: "Planning on doing a little outdoor recreation activities in the Tri-Cities Area? Here's a great resource to get you started while you wait for Day Hiking Eastern Washington to go in print."

From Modern Living Services: "Ever want to know what is going on in the Tri-Cities? Jim does a fantastic job of keeping track of it all! (check out his web page as well) https://www.facebook.com/TriCitiesWashingtonGuide/."

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